The Northern Lights Bus Deluxe

With Sterna Travel

From Reykjavík

Enjoy the hunt for the northern lights on a deluxe tour!

When conditions allow then they head out to search for the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis

On the deluxe tour then there is a limit to the group size, having no more than 16 passengers on a small coach. The coach has warm blankets aboard and a tripod that you can use.

On the tour there will be Icelandic pastry and warm drinks to get a bit of warmth into you during the cold night.

NOTE: Dress extremely well, preferably in layers. Bring a hat and gloves and wear thick socks.

  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Sightings can not be guaranteed even if the tour is operated
  • We decide after 17:00 every day if conditions are favourable to operate the tour. Please call us at +354 5511166 on the day you are booked on to see if the tour is running that day
  • Pictures do not always reflect actual experience/sightings
  • If no northern lights are seen, we will offer you the trip again for free!
  • If you book a northern lights bus tour but conditions do not allow us to run the tour during your stay, you will receive a full refund.
  • Please note that if the tour is cancelled or if you don’t see any lights you will need to reschedule your tour as soon as possible by calling or e-mailing Sterna Travel (the tour operator) at +354 551-1166.

9.900 ISK

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Duration: 3-5  hours
Location: South Iceland
Season: September 15th – April 15th
Departure: 21:00 every day
Arrival: Estimated time of arrival around 00:30 AM +
Tour operator: Sterna Travel
From: Harpan, Reykjavik
Pick up starts 30 minutes before departure from accommodation in Reykjavik.


  • Bus tour on a small coach of maximum 16 passengers.
  • Guided tour in English
  • Icelandic pastry and hot beverages.
  • Warm blankets and a tripod on the bus.
  • Pick up and drop off at accommodation in Reykjavik

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